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Osama Kamal, Egypt's former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, introduced Mallence's TED Talk as a revelation of truth on one of Egypt's most famous news programms on national TV,  >>360°<<, broadcasted to over 100 mio Egyptian households. Kamal states that >>Mallence courageously addresses what many politicians refuse to acknowledge: the West has used Africa for too long and would be nothing without Africa's resources such as gold, oil and diamonds.<<

Ndaba Mandela referred to CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL as >>one of the best TED Talks<< he has ever watched during his key note speech in Paris at PRINTEMPS DES SOLIDARITES

Swizz Beatz described it as >>DEEP TALK<< on his social media.

ANONYMOUS called Mallence's  TED x CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL >>A must watch<<


HUFFINGTON POST referred to CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL as >>The Boldest TED Talk<<.

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