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The FREETOWN FLOOD EDUCATIONAL FUND was founded by Mallence Bart-Williams and PJ Cole of Lifeline Nehemiah, after the devastating flood and mudslide in August 2017, ravished many lives and homes, leaving communities disenfranchised, families torn and many children orphaned.


The need for long term support of the most vulnerable members of society affected by the natural disaster was paramount. The FREETOWN FLOOD EDUCATIONAL FUND provides 99 of the children who were orphaned by the flood & mudslide with education and mentorship.



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It is been our mission to turn the impact of the Freetown flood into a positive force of bright young individuals that are given the opportunity to become future leaders and valuable members of society by receiving adequate education and tools to overcome the challenges they are facing.


5 years later we can proudly say that THE FEMALE INNOVATION LAB which was birthed in the aftermath of this tragic natural disaster, not only produced a group pf inspiring young entrepreneurs but also ignited a spark that has a lasting positive impact on Sierra Leone's environment. As flooding of cities is to a great extent caused by an overflowing  sewage system, clogged by plastic waste that cannot disintegrate, THE FEMALE INNOVATION LAB is committed to reduce Sierra Leone's plastic waste by 20%. The majority of the products we create at THE FEMALE & THE FREETOWN INNOVATION LAB are made from plastic waste. We are invested in reimagining the use of plastic waste and turn it into a valuable resource in order to ultimately free the environment from its impact, by using it in a series of commodities. 

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