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AUGUST 25 & 26




August 25, 2023 | 6PM - 10PM EDT


August 26, 2023 |9 am - 12PM EDT



Welcome to THE ALKHEMY OF GOLD workshop - a mystical journey into the lost wisdom of our ancestors. Our guest host, Mallence, will take you on a two-day exploration of the frequencies and secrets behind the transformational powers of gold. Learn how to use raw gold and gold plasma in your daily practices to amplify your frequency as we dive into the history, alchemical mysteries and rituals our ancestors practiced in their capacity of supreme existence. 




Gold has been used throughout the ages not only as a symbol of abundance and power, but also as a tool for spiritual elevation and healing. In this workshop, you will learn about the fascinating inter-dimensional properties of gold and its ability to activate dormant codes in our DNA, that have been passed down from generations, to aid in the evolution of human consciousness.


Our ancestors believed that the body was a temple, and in order to achieve spiritual transcendence, we must treat it as such. Attaining the highest frequency within the temple, is reflected in all that springs from us and surrounds us. With the guidance of Mallence, you will explore ancient practices of using gold as a sacred technology on the human body. You will discover how Electrum was applied to specific body parts to amplify the frequency of the root and crown, while also acting as a shield to protect the heart and solar plexus from external frequencies.


Grassroots activist and philanthropist, Mallence believes that >> WORLD PEACE STARTS IN THE WOMB <<  the womb of Mother Earth and the wombs of all females. Her work evolves around, instilling balance within the womb. As the founder of Secret Ceres she has assisted thousands of women around the globe to take charge of healing their center and reclaim the sovereign well-being of their bodies. Founding ETHICAL MINERALS was Mallence’s commitment to extend her womb work into Mother Earth by instilling balance at the core. Africa being the womb and cradle of humanity and the center of the world, bears an abundance of natural resources. Among other minerals, Africa contains the largest gold reserves in the world. Witnessing the womb of the earth being continuously exploited, determined Mallence to develop a blueprint, that reaps instead of rapes: mining in ethical ways in reciprocity with the environment and the communities, became the foundation of ETHICAL MINERALS. 


Through her interaction with raw gold and her immersion into the African mystery schools throughout lifetimes, she began to experience and remember gold as an inter-dimensional matter, that holds a plethora of benefits for the human body and consciousness.

Marilynn Prospere, a grid worker and architect of the new earth, who utilizes gold in her practice, will take us on a journey into the inter-dimensional frequency of gold, to collapse old timelines in order to elevate our collective frequency. 

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